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Conţinutul proiectului

15 Мая 2011, курсовая работа

Sectorul de acumulatoare ocupă un loc aparte pe lînga celelalte sectoare cum dupa tehnologie cît şi pe organizarea de lucru.Sectorul de acumulatoare se împarte în patru zone:

1)Zona chimică-unde se pregăteşte electrolitul şi desigur este prezent în atmosferă vapori de acid.

2)Zona de încărcare-unde la încărcarea bateriei se produce o reacţie care eliberează hydrogen.


02 Января 2011, доклад

A contract is an exchange of promises between two or more parties to do, or refrain from doing, which is enforceable in a court of law. It is a binding legal agreement. That is to say, a contract is an exchange of promises for the breach of which the law will provide a remedy.

Control Work

27 Сентября 2012, контрольная работа

Words can be divided into morphemes. For instance, if we take the form readers, it can be divided into three morphemes: read-, expressing the basic lexical meaning of the word, -er-, expressing the idea of agent performing the action indicated by the root of the verb, -s, indicating number, which shows that more than one person of the type indicated is meant.

Corporate Codes of Ethics – lies or true intentions

16 Мая 2013, статья

Can in every company be a Corporate Code of Ethics? It has to be and I will try to answer it more accessible. In each company there has to be Corporate Codes and approximately they are the same in every company. Each company tries to reach good results among workers of the company making such Codes of ethics. The Board of Directors writes a letter about missions of the company, normative and principles of ethics. Code of ethics reflects the worker’s relations to colleagues, responsibility to his work and true intentions to the surrounding.

Corporate culture

04 Марта 2013, реферат

Item (with derivatives)
Part of Speech
Definition or synonyms
Illustration or example
analyst, auditor, bookkeeper
I work for a company as an accountant and my mission is to be responsible

Correcting learners' pronunciation mistakes

25 Апреля 2013, курсовая работа

A lot of time and effort is spent on training courses and beyond in encouraging teachers to consider whether immediate or later correction of student errors during oral work is appropriate. There are a variety of good methods and techniques suggested for correcting students' errors on the spot. Mistakes are part of our life; we all make mistakes now and then. There is nothing wrong with making mistakes as long as we learn from them and avoid repeating them over and over.

Crime in Vatican City

20 Марта 2012, доклад

Crime in Vatican City is handled in accordance with article 22 of the 1929 Lateran Treaty between the Holy See and Italy, by which the Italian government, when requested by the Holy See, seeks prosecution and detention of criminal suspects, at the expense of the Vatican. The Vatican has no prison system. People convicted of committing crimes in the Vatican serve terms in Italian prisons, with costs covered by the Vatican.


19 Февраля 2013, сочинение

(1) Criminology is я social science dealing with the nature, uxlent, and causes of crime; the characteristics of criminals and their organizations; the problems of apprehending and convicting offenders; the operation of prisons and other correctional institutions; the rehabilitation of convicts both in and out of prison; and the prevention of crime.

Critique on the ‘Webworld’ article

01 Мая 2012, доклад

The Internet is becoming more and more popular. Its positive and negative aspects have been actively discussed among network users as well as in the mass media. The ‘Webworld’ essay by Kirsten Archer gives a brief and thorough overview of the latest achievements of the modern technology. The essay was written to be presented at a university challenge which was aimed to encourage critical thinking about new technologies. The fact that this article received a distinction should be a good recommendation to anyone interested in the issue. ‘Webworld’ is worth to read by either experienced web-user or a person who has never seen a computer.

Customs and traditions

12 Декабря 2011, реферат

English customs and traditions, first of all, concerns United Kingdom political system. In Great Britain there is no written constitution, only customs, traditions and precedents. After the English Revolution of Great Britain is a constitutional monarchy headed by King (now Queen, Elizabeth the second). Traditionally the Queen acts only on the advice of her Ministers. She reigns but she does not rule.
Englishmen have traditions not only in political, but in social life. For example, London, the capital of England, is traditionally divided into three parts: the West End, the East end, and the City. The City is a historical, financial and business center of London. The East End is the district inhabited by the workers, and the West End is a fashionable shopping and entertaining center. English people like to spend their free time in numerous pubs where they can have a glass of beer and talk about different things with their friends.

Customs and traditions in Canada

22 Ноября 2011, реферат

There are all sorts of religions and cultures in Canada, which makes it multicultural. These cultures all have their own unique customs and traditions. For example, Christians put up fir trees and stockings at Christmas time. Santa Clause will then come and give them presents. They also have Easter where the Easter Bunny will come and hide eggs Customs and Traditions for the children to find. And Jewish children have bar and bat mitzvahs at the age of thirteen.

Daily Routine Provokes Stress

01 Января 2011, доклад

Many events in our lives can cause stress. How often have you had a headache? How many stomachache have you had? Have you sometimes found it difficult to breathe? Have you had any skin problems? How often have you felt sad or nervous for no good reason? How often have you wanted to cry? How often have you got angry?

Dance is life

24 Февраля 2011, доклад

Dance may also be regarded as a form of nonverbal communication between humans, and is also performed by other animals (bee dance, patterns of behaviour such as a mating dance). Gymnastics, figure skating and synchronized swimming are sports that incorporate dance, while martial arts kata are often compared to dances. Motion in ordinarily inanimate objects may also be described as dances (the leaves danced in the wind).

Das Wichtigste aus der Geschichte des Dorfes

14 Мая 2011, реферат

Im Verlauf langer Zeit kämpfte die Bevölkerung des Dorfes für die Unabhängigkeit unseres Landes. Einige Jugendliche waren die Mitglieder der OUN. Während der deutschen Okkupation wurde das Grab den ukrainischen Geheulen Strelitzen im Zentrum des Dorfes gestreut.

Datorprogrammas 1C uzskaites metodika

16 Марта 2012, методичка

Grāmatvedības datorprogrammas lietojuma nosacījumi
Ja grāmatvedības reģistrus kārto tikai elektroniski, grāmatvedības datorprogrammai (grāmatvedības informācijas datorsistēmu programmatūrai) jābūt tādai, lai nodrošinātu:
 ierakstu reģistra (system log) informācijas saglabāšanu par katru iegrāmatojumu vai iegrāmatojuma labojumu, tā veidu, datumu un laiku, sistēmas ieraksta numuru, kā arī iegrāmatojuma veicēju;

Dear Susan

03 Февраля 2013, статья

You know, I guess in the world there is no person who has not heard of Disneyland Park in Paris. The towers of the castle pink Sleeping Beauty on the background of fireworks, Mickey Mouse, bright colors, flying fragments in the head of the famous cartoons and fairy tales and the feelings of the holiday.

Defects (Imperfections) of Crystal Structure

11 Апреля 2011, реферат

Only ideal crystals have perfect structure. All real materials contain defects of structure

Our world is imperfect
Defects (imperfections) are classified by geometrical criterions

Definition of slang

22 Ноября 2012, курсовая работа

The interest of researchers for different types of profanity, especially for such a specific, as slang, has always existed.
And it is understandable, since slang attracts by its metaphors, expressiveness and "nontraditional" category: "Slang is
used in stylistic purposes: to create the effect of novelty, unusual, different from the accepted samples for transmission
a certain mood of the speaker, to give utterance concreteness, vividness, visibility, accuracy, brevity, imagery, and
it helps to avoid cliches. "

Delete Keys – Clipboard Technology

04 Февраля 2013, реферат

For the last generation, Silicon Valley and Tokyo have been working to design computers that are ever easier to use. There is one thing, however, that has prevented the machines from becoming their user-friendliest: you still have to input data with a keyboard, and that can require you to do a lot of typing and to memorize a lot of elaborate commands.

Department of Investment Banking

21 Апреля 2013, курсовая работа

Investment Banking as term suggests, is concerned with the primary function of assisting the capital market in its function of capital intermediation, i.e., the movement of financial resources from those who have them (the Investors), to those who need to make use of them for generating GDP (the Issuers). Banking and financial institution on the one hand and the capital market on the other are the two broad platforms of institutional that investment for capital flows in economy. Therefore, it could be inferred that investment banks are those institutions that are counterparts of banks in the capital markets in the function of intermediation in the resource allocation

Depending on degree of intervention of the state in economy

27 Февраля 2012, сочинение

In a mixed economy both the government and the private sector
(business and consumers) play mportant roles in answering the
“what”, “how” and “for whom” questions for society as a whole.
Depending on degree of intervention of the state in economy and
private sector roles different models of mixed economy differ. We
will consider some of them.

Deutsche und russische phonetische Termini

28 Февраля 2013, шпаргалка

Немецкие и русские термины по фонетике.


25 Сентября 2011, реферат

Wenn wir uns Landkarte anschauen, sehen wir, dass Deutschland im Herzen Europas liegt. Kein anderes europäisches Land hat so viele Nachbarländern, insgesamt 9. Im Westen grenzt Deutschland an die Niederlande, Belgien und Frankreich, im Süden an die Schweiz und Osterreich, im Osten an Tschechien, die Slowakei und Polen, im Norden an Dänemark. Deutschland grenzt im Norden auch an zwei große Meere: die Ostsee und die Nordsee. Sie bilden hier die Natürliche Grenze.

Developed countries is Germany

11 Марта 2012, сочинение

In today's world, one of the most developed countries is Germany. Until 1991, it was split into two countries: the Socialist GDR and FRG-capitalist. They have different education system, but after the reunification of Germany, it became necessary to smooth over these systems. Education reform referred to at the outset of the former GDR and has not yet been completed, all processes are in development.

Development and formation of ownership in the period of social and economic changes in Russia

13 Января 2012, реферат

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. It’s a pleasure to welcome you today. Let me introduce myself. I’m XXX, the first-year student of the Budget and Treasury Academy of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. I am here today to present you my term paper. The topic of my presentation is « Development and formation of ownership in the period of social and economic changes in Russia». Today I’d like to give you an overview of the changes which happened with the category of property and to accord special priority on the privatization in Russia in the end of 1990th. In my presentation I will focus on three major issues. I will begin with ownership structure

Die poetische Kommunikation als besondere Art des kommunikativen Prozesses

24 Января 2013, доклад

Der literarische Text repräsentiert, eben als Text, kommunikative künstlerische Tätigkeit. Die wesentliche Charakteristik der poetischen (künstlerischen, literarischen) Kommunikation kann in folgendem bestimmt werden: wie sich sprachlich-kommunikatives Handeln mit künstlerischer Tätigkeit verbindet und auf welche spezifischen Formen der Wiederspiegelung der Wirklichkeit künstlerische Texte abzielen. «Poetische Kommunikation als Erscheinungsweise künstlerischer Tätigkeit ordnet diese vorrangig der Gesamtheit der Künste als „Formen menschlichen Verkehrs“ zu». Die literarische Tätigkeit steht immer im zweifachen Beziehungszusammenhang:

Die Schweiz

03 Ноября 2012, курсовая работа

Dass die Schweiz in der Schweiz liegt, verdanken wir Cäsar: Er hinderte 58 v. Chr. die Helvetier daran, nach Frankreich auszuwandern und begründete so ein blühendes Helvetien (Augst, Avenches u.a.m. zeugen bis heute davon). Das Volk blieb den Alpen erhalten. Im 13. Jh. begann mit ersten Bündnissen der Orte rund um den Vierwaldstättersee (Wilhelm Tell, Rütlischwur) die eigentliche Geschichte der Schweiz: siegreiche Abwehrkämpfe gegen die Habsburger, neue Bündnisse und innere Kämpfe; Reformation (Calvin und Zwingli) und Gegenreformation.

Diplomatic handbook

13 Февраля 2013, магистерская работа

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Doctor in the house

27 Октября 2013, практическая работа

The text under analyses belongs to the belles-lettre functional style. The substyle of it is emotive prose. The author is R. Gordon. He has been an anaesthetist at hospital, no wander he knows what he rights about. There is omniscient author in the present text. He knows all thoughts of characters. The position of the author is involved.

Dorothea Lange

02 Июня 2011, реферат

Dorothea Lange (May 26, 1895 – October 11, 1965) was an influential American documentary photographer and photojournalist. Lange's photographs humanized the tragic consequences of the Great Depression and profoundly influenced the development of documentary photography.