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Astana is a pride of Kazakhs and all people of Kazakhstan. Astana is a symbol of new Kazakhstan. The founder and the chief architect of Astana on the right is our President, Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev. An important, even decisive initiative to transfer the capital of our country from Almaty to Akmola was also expressed by President Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev. Taking such a wise and a fateful decision, he showed his sagacity and foresight, as a great statesman.

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  •  12000000 - people in the world speak the Kazakh language by the Way, of which 9 million people live in Kazakhstan, 2 million. - in the other CIS countries, and 1.5 million in China. In addition, this language is wide spread in Iran, Turkey, Mongolia, Germany and other countries.





  • The young capital, changing in her eyes, " symbol of creation, creativity and progress of the people of Kazakhstan. In the construction of Astana took part 71 cities of the country, 432 construction companies, 135 plants supplied the construction of construction materials. 





  • Astana is a pride of Kazakhs and all people of Kazakhstan. Astana is a symbol of new Kazakhstan. The founder and the chief architect of Astana on the right is our President, Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev. An important, even decisive initiative to transfer the capital of our country from Almaty to Akmola was also expressed by President Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev. Taking such a wise and a fateful decision, he showed his sagacity and foresight, as a great statesman. 
  • The young capital, changing on the eye - symbol of creation, creativity and progress of the people of Kazakhstan. The modern capital of Kazakhstan grows and changes, it becomes all the more attractive to the people of Kazakhstan and foreign guests. A modern architectural style, in which are intertwined the best traditions of the European and Eastern cultures, the most fully reflects the Outlook of the new capital as a center of economy, politics and culture.





  •  Astana became the pride of the new Kazakhstan, a symbol of the approval of the national idea and the unification of the country. Future of Kazakhstan is inextricably linked with the future of Astana which has recently been perceived as a «new capital», and is now an integral part of the new image of Kazakhstan, the country, looking in the twenty-first century.
  •  Our capital Astana now is located in the heart of Saryarka, in the center of the Eurasian space. Astana surprised all of us, especially the foreigners, their rapid and powerful pace of the construction, its unique beauty, the variety of modern architecture.















































Airport and railway station Astana 











The railway junction at the  intersection of the lines Petropavlovsk -  Karaganda - Balkhash and Barnaul - Pavlodar  - Astana - Kartaly - Magnitogorsk. Is  located in the city Central office of  the national railway company «Kazakhstan Temir  Zholy». 
A major highways: the town is the motorway M-36 Chelyabinsk - Alma-ATA and S-343 Astana - Petropavlovsk. International airport, 
Urban transport is presented by buses (40 routes, OK. 550 units), taxi (21 routes, OK. 250 units). The total length of the city's route network (2004) - 1720 km, annual passenger turnover - 115 million people. the cost of travel - 60 tenge (in EN-route taxi - 65), 11 bus companies. The city also operates a taxi.





Trolleybus was opened in 1983.  (3 route, however, since 2006, has been  left only 1 route # 4; 51.7 per  km of contact network, 40 units). In  2008 the only trolleybus Park is a  special state Commission has been recognized  as a loss because of the debts before  the energy supplying company and is completely  closed.[1]). 
In the Park of culture and rest previously operated children's narrow-gauge railway them. Hero Of The Soviet Union Яглинского M. In., open 9 June 1946. In the beginning of 2002, the Children's railway was handed over to the balance of the city and by April 2002, completely destroyed, removed rails, aligned traces of sleepers, in the building of the station cafe, depo converted to a hostel visitors builders, part of wagons used for caravans, the rest of the cut in scrap metal.





ASTANA (till 1961. Akmolinsk,  in 1961-92 gg. Tselinograd, in 1992-98  gg. Akmola), the capital of Kazakhstan,  on the right coast of the river.  Ishim river at the confluence into it  of the R. Ащилы-Ozek. 313 thousand  inhabitants (1999). The Cossack village of  Akmola (White Grave, or the Akmolinsk  order) was established in 1830., in 1862,  transformed in the city. Akmolinsk, the  main city of the Steppe General-governorship,  in 1920-28 gg. - center of Akmola  province. From 1939 center of the Akmola  region. in 1960-65 gg. - center of  Virgin territory, from 1965. - the administrative  center of Tselinograd region. (in 1992-98  gg. - Akmola). In December 1997, became  the capital of Kazakhstan, in June 1998  was renamed into Astana. Mash-tion (plants  "Selmash,"pump, repair), builds a., деревообр.,  light and food industry-ness. Node railway  in Petropavlovsk, Magnitogorsk, Karaganda and  Pavlodar; the airport. Children's railway in  the Park for the Ishim. 3 the University  and the Eurasian UN-t im. L. Mr..  Gumilev, museums of local lore and fine  arts. The Palace of tselinniks, 2 theatres.  A complex of governmental buildings (1998),  high-rise hotel "Astana,"the mosque, the  Church (Russian Orthodox, new apostles', Baptists,  Adventists). Has a rectangular layout of  streets, dominated by the construction of  the 1960-80-ies. New housing estates in  the South-Western outskirts. In A. writer  lived With. Seifullin. 







Astana super capital

Astana supe capital

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