Advantages and disadvantages of using Internet

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В данной статье рассматриваются недостатки применения инновационно-информационных технологии, являющиеся основным фактором повышения качества образования и обучения иностранным языкам .

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                                              Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

                                             Faculty of Philology, Literary Studies

                      and World Languages


Zhanabekova Magulsim    Abdildaevna                                              

Candidate of  Philological Sciences


The basic advantages and disadvantages OF INternet

in our Life

Today millions of  people  use  different  kinds of New  Technologies. The  word «new technology» is in general  usage.   There are  a lot  of  various computers, mobile phones,  CD/DVD disks, flesh  cards in our everyday use with evolution in technology. We are surrounded  with  electronically controlled inventions  of man, science and  technology. New  Technologies are available and  vital everywhere, so they make  our life more easier.  This means that we  live in a new  electronic age and  over the five past years the way people communicate changed   using frequently technological developments  as mobile phones, the Internet. They are the most important  and new means of communication between teachers and students, parents and children.

I am facing with  many websites which are useful in many ways while  working on the Internet. Some of them are Google, Facebook, NYTimes, Reditt etc. Here I  want  to mention some top  reasons of New  Technological developments as video cameras,  mobile phones  which   make  an impression  on  students  and especially why they  use the Internet, an e-mail.

The rise of using  Internet is growing with tremendous speed. It is a remarkable  success and one of the most important inventions in the  history of  new  technologies.  It is exactly true that Internet is becoming  one of the most  important part of our life.  Today no one  can imagine the life without Internet.  It was started in 1968 by the US government, but at first it was used mainly by scientists. Since 1990, when the World Wide Web was created, it has changed the world and its users are growing every day.

Internet is a nice medium to connect with the entire World. People use it as a medium to connect with other people, sharing files, entertainment, information and lots of other activities that are useful and beneficial in many terms.

The main purpose of the Internet is to find  out more information — for our  schoolwork or job, or just  about current events as hobbies, sports and music.

The area of prospective using the Internet— at any hour of the day and night all  latest information of the world is available to people. It's much faster and easier to surf the net in search of information from all over the world than to travel to libraries in dozens of countries. You can also use the Internet to read books in original, newspapers and magazines, play games, plan your holiday or buy thing from your favourite shops and etc. For all these  using E-mail makes it possible to send electronic messages anywhere in the world in seconds. Let’s draw our attention to Who and Why people use  Internet. What is it? What is it for?


Table 1.

Ordinary people

share information






sell products

online shopping and e-banking.




making money


Intelligent  people

share  thoughts and ideas

write papers

keep mind active

use as a library


creative work


Young people

'chat' with people  

make new friends

find necessary information on TV, radio, watch video etc.

watch online anime

listen and change music albums











Some people think that the Internet is the most necessary thing which helps gaining education but there are also those who blame it for making people addicted. In this article, I am going to write about the pros and cons of the Internet.  
       One of the advantages of using Internet is that we can find every information we want to achieve. The things we are searching will be for sure found in one of the millions of pages. What is more, the searching process is very short and the Internet portals like 'YAHOO' and 'AltaVista' are created to help us with it. In addition, if we have the Internet at home, we don't have to go to the libraries. In this way, we are sparing our priceless time. Another advantage is that we can communicate almost with everyone through the Net with help of e-mails and messengers. It's cheaper and faster than the normal mail. The e-mail exchanges encourage communication to strengthen the intercultural relationships between English speaking students during a semester. The students also exchange e-mail with their English speaking  keypals - penpals  (pen friends) who write to each other with keyboards instead of ink. In this way students are motivated to learn more about abroad culture and  at the same time they improve their linguistic skills.

People also exchange information in real time, including breaking news stories along with  video and know the latest news before  it appears on broadcast television or can be included  in hard print newspapers. [p.8]

Table 2





save time

access to libraries

e-mail message



Here we tried to analyze  the best ways  or methods of  obtaining information and  how  information is transmitted.

     On the other hand, the disadvantages are a serious problem for young  generation of  today's world. The Internet is causing one of the worst diseases - the Internet addiction. People are wasting their time taking part in the useless chats. However, it's good because we can talk with almost everyone from the furthest sides of our planet, but on summary - it's not worth spending our time. In addition, if we don't have the ADSL*, we spend too much money on the modem connection. There is also a danger for the teens because of the presence of paedophiles on the Net and lot of pages, which includes the videos for adults. 

However, the real world of the Internet may not be as perfect as it seems.

With so much information available, finding what you want can take you hours. Multimedia web pages with photographs, music and video are attractive, but they make downloading slow and boring. Besides, there is too much advertising instead of real information.

As for Internet friendships, sitting at home in front of a computer making 'chat friends' is not the same as actually meeting people.

Table 3





waste time

spend money



     To sum up, the Internet is very necessary but we have to learn how to use it and avoid all the dangers of usage. We should remember that it's only a source of information and not a way to search for serious friendship. 



       Science and new technologies play a very important role in human’s life. Most of our daily activities are greatly associated with science and technology. One of the contributions of science and technology to mankind is the invention of internet. Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks. Internet is used in almost all the places including houses, schools, and offices. The function of internet is to connect a network of computers from all over the world.

        The internet is an information highway that is linked through World Wide Web. Through internet, we are able to receive and send information through web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome in just a blink of eyes. The best of all, the information can be transferred in various forms which include texts, pictures, songs and videos. 

      The system can also support all types of files, namely JPEG, BMP and GIF for pictures and MP3, MP4, WMA, and AVI for songs and videos. Thus, we can transfer the information that we want without to worry about the formats.

What are students to learn from the Web page: cultural information, a grammar structure, or vocabulary? Are they to make progress in any of the four language skills: speaking, listening, writing, and reading? Before creating a Web-based activity it is necessary to define the desired learner outcomes. C. Meskill stresses the need to be clear and directive when preparing students to work in computer environments: "Learners need to be oriented, briefed, and well equipped with the language skills and guidance in the critical thinking strategies they will need to enter the space, locate information they determine to be in keeping with the mission, extract it, and bring it back into the arena of discussion, syntheses, and active use” [4, P.149].

 The result of Web-based activity:












      One of the benefits of internet is that it gives us leisure. This is because the net can provides us with various endless entertainments. For example, we can watch videos in YouTube. In YouTube, there are millions of videos with different genres such as funny, romance and horror to suit our mood. Not only that, 8TV and NTV7 channels also have their own websites. These enable us to review back on movies or programmes on television that we had missed out.

         Radio channels such as One FM, Hitz Fm and Hot Fm also have their own sites for the same purpose and these sites enable us to seethe situation in the studios when on air.

      There are also many sites that enable the users especially youths to watch anime or read manga online. This is good as this enables us to save money as the cost of a manga or anime DVD are quite expensive. These entertainments will not only give us leisure but also provide fun to us, hence reducing our stress and tense.

E-commerce is another benefit of internet and it is growing rapidly not only in advancing countries like United Kingdom, USA  but also in our own country (Kakakhstan). This e-commerce includes online shopping and e-banking. Through online shopping, we can buy anything we wish as the net provides a range of products from all over the world. The procedures are also simple that is by clicking on the items that we want and put them in ‘’shopping cart’’. 

In just few days time, depending on the distance between the house and the traders, we can get the products we want in good quality. Examples of famous online shopping sites are Yahoo! Shopping and that exhibit diverse products like books, furniture, clothes, electronic devices and

So people can make money online by using internet. People can make money online by many factual ways. There are lots of options available. Designing, Freelancing, consultancies, software providers, application always help people to work in an easier way.

Internet marketers use internet to sell products. There are lots of social media enthusiasts who promote other’s product online via various social media sites. There are lots of publishers available who promote others product by advertising on various websites blogs etc.

The basic advantages and disadvantages of online education.

   There  are  a lot of  fundamental differences of attending a virtual classroom compared to attending a traditional on-campus classroom. The quality of education given by professors is similar, how you go about lectures and study different subjects with these two types of education.

Online education Pros:

The first advantage of online education  is to have  convenient time– students are capable of attending online courses wherever and whenever they please. They  are not locked in by an  university’s  term system, so they can begin almost anytime when you want to attend their  lecture. In other words online education works best for the students and they have better chance  to control over their  daily routine of  taking lectures and studying an easier time preparing for tests and defending  finals or degrees, so time is flexible for any person.

The second  advantage is having internet access,  students can attend  lectures and turn in assignments and most online degrees are significantly cheaper than

the traditional ones. Online institutions are all accredited, reputable and as rewarding as on-campus universities. Internet has an effect on almost everything  people do, it is  accessible.

As long as students want to  take online education   Internet makes them keep in touch with distant tutors and everything is over the internet just between a student and the computer. No annoying student who keeps raising their hand and interrupting the class’s lecture. Students can write assignments and send them off with one  click.

Online education Cons:

There is no direct  speech between  humans or face to face   conversation is off.  Distance learning means you won’t actually see the professor in person.

Online schools require an internet access and working computers. Sometimes people don’t have any information science knowledge but still need to know the way of using around their operating system or tech requirements.

Online environments still encourage interaction with colleagues, but this will be virtual and not in person.

You won’t have a campus to call home and this discourages some students.

Online education is very famous medium of study in developed countries and growing in developing nations. Various websites such as Khan Academy and Free Video Lectures offer online courses to learn various things like designing, programming, engineering, medical, language learning  and other subjects. This is very helpful medium to promote education on that place where online  courses are not easily available.

In conclusion I’d like to ask «What is Internet for?» Let’s have some  definitions  for  this question. As above mentioned Internet is making  money for professional businessmen; creative work for intelligentsia; communication, education and entertainment for young generation and etc. In modern  times technological developments  play a great role in our everyday life and science. Time has changed, the new  means of communication – Internet is Ahead. Use and Follow It.

     As research has proven, language is best learned if practiced in authentic, realistic situations. The task demanded of students should be close to real life and language use should be natural and of the kind that is found in everyday settings.







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          В статье  рассматривается о   преимуществе коммуникации  через   Интернет (World Wide Web) который является одним из самых мощных инструментов в мире, и, действительно, удивительной частью нашей жизни. Современная жизнь и бизнес стали сегодня проще благодаря огромному вкладу Интернет-технологий для общения и обмена информацией. Интернет позволяет не только общаться по электронной почте, а также обеспечивает легкий доступ к информации, изображениям и продуктам. Каждый день в Интернете появляется что-то новое и очень удобное, и это делает жизнь легче для многих людей. Интернет образование развивается в очень быстром темпе.

       Есть  много чатов и социальных сетей  в Интернете, которые могут  быть доступны для того, чтобы  знакомиться с новыми людьми, заводить новых единомышленников, а также сохранять связь со  своими старыми друзьями,и  осуществить покупки онлайн. В  данной  статье  также  рассматриваются недостатки применения  инновационно-информационных  технологии,являющиеся  основным  фактором  повышения  качества образования   и   обучения   иностранным   языкам .


        This  article  deals  with  the   advantages  and  disadvantages of  usage  innovative   technologies   which  is the  basic  factor of   increasing  the  quality  of  education  and  the  teaching  of  foreign  languages through means of communications as Internet.


            Білім  беру үрдісінде жаңа ақпараттық технологияларды қолдану мәселесі өзектімәселелердің қатарынан орын алуда. Шетел тілін оқытудың мақсаты субьектінің мәдениетаралық  қарым-қатынас  біліктілігін қалыптастыру  десек, онда  сол шетел  тілін оқытуда жаңа ақпараттық технологияларды қолдану шетел тілін оқытудың мақсатынан туындап отырған қажеттілік болмақ. 













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