International Human Resourse Management

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For academics researching and teaching international human resource management this is a good time. For many years, the small numbers of academics in the field—amongst whom Monir Tayeb was one of the more prominent figures—were seen as working in a somewhat arcane and idiosyncratic specialism. This is changing rapidly. More and more people are getting
involved in the subject: either entirely new researchers, or longer-established authors in HRM, who have decided to internationalise their work. Since 2003 there has been a plethora of articles and a number of substantial texts published on the topic. The reason is not hard to find: the increasing globalisation of markets, the extending role of the multinationalcompanies, and an ever-growing awareness of the importance of international human resource management amongst those companies. As ever, developments in the world of practitioners have been mirrored in and structured by developments in the academic world.

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